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You can focus on the critical aspects of your business and let us handle the time-consuming and common tasks. According to Lee Kuan Yew, If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.

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Data Services

Our multilingual data services include data entry, data processing, data collection, data annotation, OCR, and others. This service is one of our major strengths since one of our co-founders is an experienced data engineer.

Web Development

A custom website from a US agency can cost anywhere from $300 to $3000 and higher. For a fraction of the cost of other agencies, we can design, build, and maintain your website or web app.

Sales Outsourcing

According to a NNC service report, outsourcing lead generation can increase sales ROI by 40 percent. Our team will ensure that your sales pipeline is full of new and qualified leads.

Social Media Marketing

Build your brand awareness and vote of confidence across the web with our services. Our goal is to help small companies reach their audiences without spending an enormous amount of advertising.

Graphic Design

We have a team of in-house and freelance designers who can help you with all of your design needs. Illustrations, animations, and logos are just a few examples.

Customer Care

With us, you'll never miss another customer call or inquiry. Maintain customer engagement and satisfaction (27x7).

Delivery Centers

Our administrative and in-house staff are stationed in these four major countries. We have freelancer and partner companies all around, especially in developing countries. 

China office

Located in the heart of the major business city in China, Guangzhou. Given that our business idea originated here and that the majority of our founders are based in China, we have made it our headquaters.

Gambia The Smiling Cost

Gambia a tiny west African country less known but one of the most peaceful country in the world. Since Gambia is one of the least countries that attracts foreign investment, as game changers we decided to register our business here and also as one of our major offices.


Ghana is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa in terms of technology and innovation. It is one of our most productive in-house team. The TAT for each project sofar is quite amazing.


A home for many immigrants who risk their life through the Mediterranean fleeing war or poverty. As one of objective is to address SDG 8,9 and 10, we establish an office in Italy to providing a source of income struggling migrants.

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